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Sales, Maintenance, Installation, Tanks for Sale or Lease

Propane Tank Sizes: 120, 250, 500, 1000

Switch-Out: If you would like to switch to O'Connell Oil Company from another propane supplier we will remove your current tank and install our tank in its place and then pump the gas that you own from the old tank into the newly installed tank. In most cases, there is no charge for a switch out as described in this paragraph.

Inspection: All new customer's propane installations will require an inspection. This is for your safety. All propane installations must meet code requirements. Those installations found out of compliance with code, need to be fixed to meet code requirements before the propane tank can be hooked up. Prices will vary for each installation. Remember, this needs to be done not only for code compliance but, for the safety of you and your family.

Line Locate: Once a propane line is installed, it becomes your propane line. It is now your privately owned line. It is not a public utility line and will not be marked when other lines are marked. You will need to call us to schedule a line locate before any digging is done on your property.

Service Call: Our service men are trained professionals in propane installations. We can handle any variety of installation or repair you may require. While we do some minor interior repairs, we recommend your HVAC professional who did the interior installation make repairs inside your home. We work on systems from the propane tank, to the regulator on the house. Our service men are highly experienced and well trained, this allows them to complete a job with the highest efficiency to keep costs as low as possible on an installation.

Fuel Oil: Home Heating

Diesel Fuel: Dyed Diesel for off road use, Clear Diesel for highway use

Gasoline: For farm or personal use


All of these services are completed by experienced service men who have been trained and certified in all of the listed services.